Andrology and Urology Clinic – Naples – Italy

Dr. Fina visits his patients at Clinic Center in Naples, E. Suarez 4/d Street.

Dr. Fina is Leader Specialist in Andrology at SDN Research Institute-Foundation ( Naples- E. Gianturco 113 Street) where works as Surgeon and Diagnostic Consultant.

Mission: to cure by Physiotherapy all penis affections, from praecox ejaculation to erectile dysfunction, from induratio penis plastica to bent penis, from small penis to penis fibrosis.

With patients: hear from them with attention the history of disease and description of symptoms to empathize without never underestimate the lightest disturb and emotional discomfort always following any physical distress.

Pride of being well-hung and always ready

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Andrological physiotherapy

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, small or dysmorphic penis

Penis fitness

The functional and aesthetic well-being of the penis and genitals in general is a fundamental objective of our clinical research


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